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What is “CHARACTER” modeling?

Real People – They represent real people from the society, such as rugby players, doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers, teachers, second hand car dealers, farmers, the nerd and The Girl next door “type”, LGBT, mixed race relationship and more.

Just real people. Skills always helps.

Since character modeling jobs are so diverse, modeling agencies are always interested in acquiring character models of all shapes, ages, weight, background, and ethnicity. Character models must still be somewhat photogenic, but appear more like real people. Albinos and people with skin diseases are highly in fashion in the 2020 century

The character can be very tall (2meters+), big, midgets,  big ears, big teeth, wacky, funky, very skinny all sorts. These characters can even be a “look-a-like”. Example: Any famous soccer star, Mr Mandela, Jacob Zuma, Elvis Presley, Freddy Mercury, Lady GAGA, Prince Charles and the list can go on

What is an EXTRA?

A person who fills the background in an Advert or Film,

Example: “The unseen Crowd at Loftus – Vodacom adverts” back ground artist in 7 de laan or Generations.   EARN R500 – R1000.00 per call The fee includes agent fee and taxes.


This person is selected to perform a specific role in a Commercial and needs to have the know-how of performing the role.

ACTING skills and abilities such as Dancing (Vodacom Advert), playing soccer, or “jump up to catch flowers” are required.

EARN R1500.00- R3000.00 per shoot day. YOU CAN DO THIS! All ages, sizes, height and shapes are welcome to join now.

What is a PROFESSIONAL model?

The public normally refers to ‘In front of the camera work” as Modeling, that is why welcome all heights and sizes to work in SA, but the professional demand of the model might be different. Zenobia is a proud Member of NAMA. (National Association of Model Agencies) We are offering grooming classes for kids, men, ladies, of all ages, shapes and sizes.  South Africa needs all heights shapes and sizes as long as your skin is flawless.  

International Catwalk Model Training is taking place week nights 18h30 – 19h30/ Fridays 15h00 – 16h30 or Saturdays mornings 09h00 – 11h00

Subject to change and parental financial commitment to pay for classes. R250 X 3 lessons if you pay per lessons  or R600 at the beginning of the month for 3 lessons

International standard:

Female: Ladies who want to work as a model must to be at least ages 14 and older

1.73m – 1.80m Bust 84cm – 86cm, waist 60 – 62cm, Hips 89cm – 92cm

Men: 1.83m or taller. Size 32/4 well groomed – good skin and well-toned (GYM). Good legs and six pack

Gauteng based modeling focus on media advertising such as TV commercials and stills.


Photographic models – for clothing same as the catwalk models

Photographic models and Beauty queens need to have the exceptional, which is called the X factor.

With Zenobia Modeling and Finishing school you’ll take the first big step to becoming a model. We also do your catwalk Show reel

Modeling Workshops are available on Fridays or Saturdays.

Photographic models for billboards and all other – not clothing brands height is not an issue

Hair and Beauty Model

The potential artist with the “X FACTOR” the EXCEPTIONAL STUNNING FACIAL FEATURES, FLAWLESS SKIN, GOOD TEETH (NO GAPS), GOOD shoulder length and a good HAIR LINE Height is not an issue.


What is an ACTOR/LEAD role?

To play the main character in a commercial or TV Production, you need to be exceptionally skilled with lots of attitude to perform a Professional part. Actors and experienced Characters will often be invited to audition for the lead roles. (We will require an Actors CV – Actors DO NOT pay registration fee. EARN (R1500.00 per day – R20 000.00+ per job) All sizes, height and shapes welcome.

Do you have a Showreel? Not yet, no problem let us help you to make sure you are seen by the best as one of the best.

What is a VOICE Artist?

An artist who have a good voice and work as recording artist or DJ for radio and advertisements. Muso – I need a mp3 of at least 3 vocal. I want to listen to YOUR voice – please do not use distraction sounds where possible. Studio can make one sound so “perfect”.    

Are you an MC, Hip-H0p or just radio voice artist? Let me know. Join us for an additional cost at Sonia vision

We help building Careers for artists

Who do we represent?We represent and help build careers for all performing artist; Models, Actors, kids, midgets, dancers, presenters and singers. (New born to 80 years of age.) We help to build a professional Image and portfolio by offering the opportunity to become a member and attend castings. You will be moving in the fast lane.

Do you have what it takes?

The demand for the next character in a commercial might be unpredictable, it can be asking for an act, re-action or a dancer with a tattoo, soccer player, a weight lifter or a model with good teeth.

Any well-groomed person with the right attitude can be selected to perform in front of the cameras; it doesn’t require “the perfect model look” to have success.

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